Air Straightening Brush

Air Straightening Brush

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The Adagio Air Straightening Brush is a multi-functional tool that allows you to quickly dry and style hair in one step – combining the powerful airflow of a hair dryer with the smoothing and straightening benefits of a paddle brush. This styling tool also features premium bristles for detangling and added shine, and a ceramic infused back to improve dry time and minimize heat damage.

Customize the powerful airflow by choosing from three temperature settings and two speed settings and to cater results specifically to your hair type. Get ready for effortless straightened, softened, shiny, and frizz-free blowout effects every time.

Safe for all hair types.


A ceramic-infused bristle backing allows for an even heat distribution that results in exceptional shine and a noticeable improvement in softness.


Use the low setting for fine/thin hair types.

Use the high setting for thick/coarse/textured hair types.

Use the cool-air setting to enhance shine and lock in your style.