AirForce Blow Dryer
AirForce Blow Dryer
AirForce Blow Dryer
AirForce Blow Dryer

AirForce Blow Dryer

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The Adagio Air Force Blow Dryer is a remarkably powerful, professional-level hair tool designed to deliver maximum style with minimal energy. Equipped with a sleek design, infrared technology, and adjustable heat settings, this blow dryer gives you full styling control to achieve a multitude of looks.

Alternate the temperature settings to customize each styling experience for your hair  type – ranging from slow and cool-air drying to rapid high-heating. Styling is chic and easy, as you can dry your hair in record time, while also protecting it from unnecessary heat damage. Complete each blowout with a style-finishing cool shot to seal the cuticle and ensure long-lasting finish of volume, smoothness, and shine.

The lightweight, ergonomic shape is designed for ease of use, and compact enough for travel and storage. Safe for all hair types.


Penetrates hair at a gentler temperature, which helps preserve natural oils in hair, protects from excessive heat damage, and minimizes moisture loss.


Use the low setting for fine/thin hair types.
Use the high setting for thick/coarse/textured hair types.
Use the cool-air setting to enhance shine and lock in your style.


The finishing cool-shot button treats hair to a burst of cold air to seal the cuticle and enhance smoothness and shine.


The concentrated air-transforming flat nozzle creates a high-velocity blade of air that results in massive volume and sealing the cuticle for a smooth and shiny finish.